About Us

Flamingo Skytech is a Real Estate and a Construction Company birthed and own by "Engineer Edmond Patrice". We have experience in the construction of homes, ranging from Huts to Skyscrapers. We are one among the bests in Road/bridge construction in the United States. Good and trusted by our amiable customers in the United States and beyond.
In 2001 we constructed our first home "Airlord Palace" in the heart of California-San Francisco and with the experience we had in the construction of Airlord Palace and the Well Spring Twin Bridge, we had been able to make more better homes, Roads and Bridges, till present.
In the United States, we are the premier in the construction of homes and roads. Our motive is to make you live comfortably in your home and plight on well constructed roads and bridges. We have every security measures to protect your constructions from damages.

Flamingo in Construction and in the Estate Management industry, is the best that has happened to the world.


Flamingo Skytech and Real Estate Management
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